Collection of 5.000 unique and randomly generated Tickets ⚡


The Solana Club is the first collection of unique and randomly generated Tickets. The collection aims to give access to a club of enthusiast NFT collectors on Solana blockchain who want to take part in the adventure of building the most exclusive VIP NFT community. The access will be given with the generated ticket that will give access to differents features that depend of its rarity.

Every purchase has a 10% royalties fee, 10% for the holders.

Our future will be bright !

An unique access to the community

The access of the VIP room will be given with 5000 Uniques tickets, 4 differents grades, 4 differents rarity per grades, 999 spécial design. 

Grades :

  • 40% Delta : 2000 Pass
  • 30% Gamma : 1500 Pass
  • 20% Bêta : 1000 Pass
  • 10% Alpha : 500 Pass

Rarity : 

  • 30% Common 
  • 20% Rare 
  • 10% Epic 
  • 5% Legendary 

Why choose The Club


A total of 5.000 tickets are available. If you deducte the one sold in the presale, when mint begins 3500 will be able to be purchased. A maximum of 10 tickets can be purchased per transaction.

Price will be chosen a few days before minting goes live depending on Solana price. 

There is many NFT marketplace already live by the time the mint begins you will be able to buy & sell tickets there. Links to all the marketplaces of the collection will be available.

A total of 1500 tickets will be sold during the two presale rounds. 500 during the first round and 1000 during the second one.